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Al LaFrance always had an interest in wildlife. As he got older, he began setting traps for animals like squirrels and snakes. All the animal catching paid off in 1979 when he became sole proprietor of Al's Critter Solutions. Rich Palmer and John Richer also licensed and certified, joined the business in 2010. Adding more experience in wildlife management and in construction and repair services.

Al LaFrance has received awards for his professional and expert knowledge about wildlife, specifically bats.

  • In 1999, in a special legislative session of the NYS assembly, Al was recognized by special resolution as outdoorsman of the year.
  • Inducted into the New York State Outdoorsman Hall of Fame
  • Awarded NY State Wildlife Trapper of the Year
  • President of NY Wildlife Management Association (10 years)
  • New York State Certified Trapping Instructor (33 years)
  • Provided extensive bat knowledge and trapping information to Cornell University for the standards and bylaws on the New York State Training Manual
  • Al has taught bat control seminars across the country

His invention, the BATRAP, has been applied for a patent and trademark. It is a cage that will aide in the catching of bats.

"Customer Alert!! Check the Better Business Bureau before contracting with anyone"

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"Customer Alert!! Check the Better Business Bureau before contracting with anyone"

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