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Al's Wildlife Capture & Relocation Trapping Catching Rattlesnakes

Al's Opossum Capture, Opossum Relocations,Catching Opossum

We Will Remove Wildlife Critters For You

Our removal and control program is not only professional and detailed, but we operate in a way that is extremely humane to these animals.

Al's Critter Solutions offers several wildlife services. To We will examine the problem and determine the best solution. We will resolve the problem and offer repair services to where the animals entered from.

Al's Raccoon Capture, Raccoon Relocations,Catching Raccoons

Animals That We Trap and Control

• Fox
• Coyotes
• Beaver
• Squirrels
• Skunk
• Raccoon
• Possum
• Groundhog
• Snakes

Al's Beaver Capture, Beaver Relocations,Catching Beavers

Let Al's Critter Solutions be your choice for wildlife removal and control. Our services are clean and our professionals are experts in the field.

Call us today for all those unwanted critters!
South of Rt 20: Call Jeremiah Burns @ 315-415-7509.
North of Rt 20: Call John Richer @ 315-263-0855.

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Serving Upstate and Central New York

"Customer Alert!! Check the Better Business Bureau before contracting with anyone"

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